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Items & Interiors: two words that sum up the life of interior stylist Bea Mombaers. They exemplify how the foundation of Bea’s world is formed by her innate fascination for things with a past life, for objects that tell an extraordinary story, combined with an unsurpassed sense of how to create a unique atmosphere. Together with photographer Raf Maes and designer Geoffrey Brusatto, Bea spent the past two years travelling through her own universe. They visited homes both in Belgium and abroad and made beautiful images of the interiors that Bea has put together, but also of intriguing details, beautiful still lifes and objects that tell a story that Bea loves. The result is a beautiful book in which the images are arranged according to the different moments in a day.

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· Hardcover
· English
· 240 pages
· Pub. date: December 2020
· 285 x 217 x 25 mm
· 1200 grams
Hardcover book
Use with care and get inspired

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